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Click for more information Aristolochia californica - California pipevine
California native plant; leaves provide food for pipevine swallowtail butterfly larvae; versatile plant that can be used as a climbing vine or a groundcover.
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Click for more information Clytostoma calystegioides - violet trumpet vine
Vigorous climber for covering walls and fences and can also be grown as a groundcover; trumpet-shaped violet flowers with purple veins blossom in late spring to summer; attracts hummingbirds.
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Click for more information Hardenbergia violacea - lilac vine
Vigorous evergreen vine can be used to cover an arbor, pergola or wall; small, purple, pea-like flowers bloom in late winter to early spring; other cultivars have white or pink flowers.
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Click for more information Mandevilla laxa - Chilean jasmine
Attractive, twining vine; clusters of white, funnel-shaped flowers blossom in the summer with a delightful tropical fragrance; tolerant of both full sun and partial shade.
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