Edible Landscaping

Image of Edible Landscaping interns at the Good LIfe Garden.

Edible Landscaping

In this program, interns learn a variety of horticultural, project management, and outreach skills as they maintain community-based edible garden projects on campus.

Weekly meetings and workshops are aimed at providing training and hands-on experience in ecological horticulture and leadership development. Training will include topics such as composting, propagation, planting & transplanting, garden design, strengths development, and community outreach.  Interns will also be responsible for independently managing a portion of their time each week developing and implementing design recommendations and outreach events for their particular project sites.

Quarters: Year Long—Fall through Spring
Schedule: 4 hours/week commitment for the entire school year
Units: 1 unit/quarter

Edible Landscaping Internship 2016-17