Image of UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden Learning by Leading Curatorial student documenting plants.

Plant Records and Mapping

Plant Records and Mapping 

Staff Mentor 

Angelica saucedaAngelica Sauceda
Plant Records Specialist

The UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden is responsible for maintaining and sharing plant collection data to support research and outreach with UC Davis students, faculty, and external partners. The Plant Records and Mapping team collaborates with horticulturists, curatorial, and education teams. As part of a living museum, we support collection development, collection inventory, nursery propagation, sales inventory, and outreach and interpretation.

Currently, our program is seeking students with advanced skills in ArcPro and ArcGIS Online to develop systems to advance our work with the GIS data model for public gardens. Undergraduates and graduates who have taken LDA 150 or similar coursework are encouraged to contact program mentor and Plant Records Specialist, Angelica Sauceda

Plant Records and Mapping GIS Student Assistant (Paid)

Quarters: Fall 2022
Schedule: 10 hours per week