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Click for more information Cerastium tomentosum - snow-in-summer
Gives a cool look to hot Central Valley gardens; can thrive in low to medium amounts of irrigation; silver foliage good for contrast with green-leaved plants.
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Click for more information Ceratostigma plumbaginoides - dwarf plumbago
Attractive groundcover with clusters of intense blue flowers in summer and continuing into fall; leaves turn a colorful maroon in autumn; tolerant of sun or shade.
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Click for more information Delosperma cooperi- Cooper’s ice plant
Linear succulent foliage creeps along the ground, making an attractive apple-green mat; bright pink-purple flowers bloom in spring, summer, and fall.
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Click for more information Ribes viburnifolium - evergreen currant
California native plant; good shade-tolerant groundcover under native oaks and in other dry, shady areas; shiny and fragrant foliage looks attractive all year; attracts hummingbirds and beneficial insects.
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Click for more information Teucrium chamaedrys ‘Nanum- dwarf germander
Low-growing groundcover with dark-pink flowers in early summer; one of the few groundcovers that does well in both full sun or part shade; good for planting under roses and other shrubs; attracts beneficial insects.
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