Arboretum in the News

Flowers and trees and molecules! Oh my?! (2/1/16 California Aggie)

Explore Asia's nature, culture at Arboretum (1/27/16 Davis Enterprise)

Get active at the UCD Arboretum (1/6/16 Davis Enterprise)

Ten years and counting: Region relies on UC Davis Arboretum All-Stars (10/23/15 Davis Enterprise)

Water-wise garden success starts in fall (10/9/15 Sacramento Bee)

Life after lawn: a Davis backyard transformation (10/8/15 Davis Enterprise)

Inside the Arboretum (Video: Good Day Sacramento 10/8/15)

Halloween comes early for Arboreutm oaks (8/23/15 Davis Enterprise)

At UC Davis, it's water conservation 101 (8/12/15 Davis Enterprise)

Celebrate UC Davis Arboretum GATEway Garden on Sunday (4/30/15 Davis Enterprise)

UC Davis Arboretum Selling Drought-Resistant Plants on Saturday (4/24/15 Good Day Sacramento)

Plan for lawn-free, low-water future (Davis Enterprise 4/8/15)

Life after lawn: 50 greens for shade (Davis Enterprise 3/6/15)

40 new favorite plants for water-wise Sacramento-area landscapes (Sacramento Bee 2/6/15)

Don't just volunter--get involved! (Davis Enterprise 1/4/15)

These gadgets make gardening easier, regional experts say (Sacramento Bee, 1/1/15)

UC researchers: How low-water can our landscapes go? (Davis Enterprise, 10/24/14)

California native plants are on gardeners' most wanted list (Sacramento Bee, 10/11/14)

New lawn replacement available at Arboretum plant sale (Davis Enterprise, 10/9/14)

Harvesting acorns for a future urban forest (Sacramento Bee, 10/4/14)

Going native with an eye on water (Sacramento Bee, 5/17/14)

Break up with your lawn, with cardboard (Davis Enterprise, 3/13/14)

Review of Macbeth: The Radio Play (Davis Enterprise, 10/30/12)

Camp Shakespeare (Davis Enterprise, 7/29/12)

Warren Roberts, an Arboretum superstar (Davis Enterprise, 6/24/12)

Celebrating 75 Years (Davis Enterprise, 3/7/12)

Wyatt Deck is alive with the sound of music (California Aggie, 2/21/12)

It's for the birds (Wild Campus event) (Davis Enterprise, 2/7/12)

Famed gardener sees UC Davis as ‘new Eden’ (Sacramento Bee, 2/4/12)

Campus in transition to academically-oriented public garden (Dateline UC Davis, 1/12/12)

75 favorite plants showcased at Arboretum Plant Faire (Davis Enterprise, 9/2/11)

Valley's majestic giants (Sacramento Bee, 8/13/11)

Flower Power (Davis Enterprise, 8/5/11)

Art in the Arboretum (Dateline UC Davis, 7/28/11)

Among UCD’s oaks, actress Hannah sings cork’s praises (Davis Enterprise, 6/5/11)

Gardening for the senses (Davis Enterprise, 4/21/11)

Public Gardens Grow Research Capability with GIS (ArcWatch, August 2010)

UCD gets seed money for new garden (Davis Enterprise, 9/16/10)

Water we waiting for? (Sacramento Bee, 3/27/10)

Mosaic mural needs a home (Davis Enterprise, 1/3/10)

UC Davis dedicates historic Native American garden (Dateline UC Davis, 11/15/09)

Gateway garden honors history (Sacramento Bee, 11/21/09)

Reaping, sowing: Garden honoring Native Americans dedicated Saturday (Davis Enterprise, 11/14/09)

Cover image: Oak Family Tree Mural (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 10/27/09)

UCD oak grove plans takes root (Davis Enterprise, 8/7/2008)

Fowled away? Too many birds in arboretum (Dateline UC Davis, 5/2/2008)

Professor sowed the seeds of diverse oak tree collection in arboretum (Dateline UC Davis, 11/2/2007)

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