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Available to the public for the first time in the United States!

lippia nodiflora groundcover


This deep-rooted, low-water use, low-maintenance groundcover is an excellent lawn replacement or groundcover in sun or partial shade. It grows tightly to the ground, suppressing weeds once established, and is bred to be sterile so it will not reseed in places where you don’t want it.

At our fall plant sales (while supplies last), we have permission to sell this exciting new groundcover. Lippia (Syn) Phyla nodiflora ‘Campagne Verde’ (common name Kurapia®). This form was tested by UC researchers at Riverside in 2012 and now is being trialed at UC Davis by our California Center for Urban Horticulture for its ability to thrive with extremely little irrigation. Note: Its small white flower clusters are attractive to butterflies and bees, so it is not for use in children’s play areas.

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