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Waterway Stewardship

Image of Learning by Leading Waterway Stewardship team.

Waterway Stewardship

Become a Waterway Stewardship Intern and take part in an exciting opportunity to be a part of a major campus investment to renew the Arboretum Waterway to benefit water quality, wildlife, research, and the community!

Interns will become familiar with land and water management concepts of sustainable environmental design, storm water management, and native habitat restoration in an urban setting. Field tasks include planting native habitat, monitoring water quality and wildlife, removing invasive weeds and litter, installing and maintaining irrigation, as well as supporting research and community education. As a project-oriented internship, interns will gain skills that foster teamwork and leadership. Training will include identifying native plants and weeds, safety procedures, equipment usage, planting and vegetation management techniques, data collection, water sampling and community outreach.

Quarters: Fall, Winter, Spring
Schedule: 3 hours/week
Units: 1 unit/quarter