uc davis students participating in the sustainable horticulture internship

CCUH SmartLandscape

CCUH SmartLandscape 

Become an intern! Applications due Sept. 9

Learn about environmental interactions, horticultural design principles, and wildlife ecology while working alongside other students to maintain and install SmartLawn and SmartScape landscape projects. Get hands on experience with planting native plants and building water efficient irrigation systems while developing leadership and landscape architectural skills.  Download the application and apply by September 9.

Interns will learn practical horticultural skills and expand their knowledge of vegetation management through participation in planting and irrigation activities. Students will gain a greater understanding of landscape water-saving strategies, get hands on experience in restoring native habitat, learn to identify native and invasive plants and wildlife, and support research and community education. Students will be encouraged and mentored to approach landscape ecology from both humanistic and biological contexts with consideration for aesthetics, function, and ecological needs of the landscape and its wildlife. Students will also build teamwork and leadership skills through trainings, in-the-field problem solving and co-creation.

Staff Mentors

Image of Emily Finch, CCUH project manager.

Emily Finch  |  Email
Project Manager

 Image of Haven Kiers, assistant professor of landscape architecture at UC Davis

Haven Kiers |  Email
Assistant Professor
Landscape Architecture

Working with SmartScape staff mentors and fellow student coordinators, interns will support the installation of a variety of water-wise gardens, including a Pollinator Study Garden and Native Plant Hedgerow as part of the California Center for Urban Horticulture's (CCUH) SmartLandscape initiative. These projects will be displayed on campus at the Western Center for Agricultural Equipment as exhibits to industry partners and local communities to demonstrate water conservation and sustainable landscape design.

Quarters: Fall, Winter and/or Spring (students are encouraged to participate for more than one quarter)


Schedule: 3 hours/week 
Units: 1 unit/quarter