Image of student in the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden Learning by Leading Urban Tree Stewardship program.

Urban Tree Stewardship

Applications closed for 2022

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Urban Tree Stewardship

Staff Mentors

Image of Emily Griswold.Emily Griswold
Director of GATEways Horticulture
and Teaching Gardens
Email  |  (530) 754-8038

Image of Abbey Hart.

Abbey Hart
Assistant Nursery Manager
On leave until January 2023
Email  |  (530) 754-8337

This urban forestry-oriented program focuses on improving the longevity and resilience of our campus tree canopy. Interns will propagate trees in the nursery, plant and care for young trees in the campus landscape, and implement maintenance and monitoring plans designed to assess the sustainability and climate tolerance of trial tree species in an urban environment.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn about research and urban forest management strategies from campus and industry professionals. Weekly activities will facilitate experience developing technical tree care skills, field observations and project management skills. Beyond this, interns will grow collectively as leaders in leading public plantings, educational events, and other community engagement activities that build decision-making, communication, and collaboration skills.

We welcome anyone interested in stewarding and improving our urban canopy and learning more about our campus-wide climate adaptation goals to apply. This program is also a great fit for those interested in learning more about careers in arboriculture, nursery management, urban planning, data collection, research analysis and tree conservation.


Quarters: Fall, Winter, and Spring 
Schedule:  4 hr/week per unit commitment for three quarters 
Units: 1 per quarter (more available if desired)




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