Image of student in the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden Learning by Leading Urban Tree Stewardship program.

Urban Tree Stewardship

Job / Internship Opportunities

Thank you to everyone who applied to our Urban Tree Stewardship job and/or internship opportunities. We are no longer accepting applications. If you would like to learn more about future student opportunities, please follow the Arboretum and Public Garden on social media (Facebook | Instagram) and sign up for our newsletter

Urban Tree Stewardship

Staff Mentors

Image of Emily Griswold.Emily Griswold
Director of GATEways Horticulture
and Teaching Gardens
Email  |  (530) 754-8038

Image of Abbey Hart.

Abbey Hart
Nursery Special Projects Manager
Email  |  (530) 754-8337

This urban forestry-oriented program focuses on improving the longevity and resilience of our campus tree canopy. Collaborating virtually, interns will help launch the data collection and website development phase of our ongoing research project that seeks to identify climate-appropriate trees for the future campus landscape.  

 As we brainstorm how to best interpret and communicate our preliminary findings, interns will gain practical experience in data analysis, professional writing, and incorporating feedback. Other potential projects have a wide scope, ranging from policy research and writing that supports campus planning to developing educational resources that communicate the public health benefits of trees to the community. 

We are also equally excited to build on our understanding of urban forestry on campus by exploring our respective local urban forests where we can practice skills like tree identification and health assessment. Our focus in each of these learning opportunities is to continually reflect on how to improve as a team and as leaders dedicated to improving our future tree canopy. 

Quarters: Winter - Spring 2021 
Schedule:  3-6 hr/week commitment for the academic year 
Units: 1-2 units per quarter 




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