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Plant Propagation and Nursery Management

Plant Propagation and Nursery Management

Learning by Leading Program Announcment

Our Learning by Leading™ programs are no longer recruiting for Winter 2021. Other Learning by Leading™ internships may recruit in Spring. If you would like to get more information about future recruiting opportunities, please fill out and submit this form.

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Plant Propagation and Nursery Management

Work with professional Arboretum nursery and plant sales staff to gain hands-on experience working in a nursery. Interns will learn methods for propagating a great variety of plants, many of which are unusual in cultivation.

Interns are encouraged to choose the plants they work with and will gain experience in a range of nursery tasks, including irrigation, pruning, re-potting, and IPM/pest control. Interns will also participate in Arboretum plant sales offered on the weekends in order to gain experience with nursery events.

Quarters: Fall, Winter, and Spring
Schedule: 3-9 hour/week commitment; each shift is approximately 3 hours.
Units: 1-3 units

Nursery Management and Propagation student interns