Campus wayfinding improvements

Existing UC Davis wayfinding signage is confusing and does little to market the university, its academic programs, or mission of teaching, research and public service. Campus Planning and Community Resources staff is developing a comprehensive wayfinding plan which will include approximately 11 different types of signs to lead community members and visitors from streets to parking lots, and from parking lots to buildings.

Creating Cruess Hall sign
Terri Planiden of Civil and Industrial Services laminates and mounts the Cruess Hall sign to the existing building monument sign metal plates.

A team from Repro Graphics, Grounds and Landscape Services, and Civil and Industrial Services is beginning the implementation of this program by updating the building monument signage nearest to visitor destinations. By utilizing our current investment in the existing hardware and modernizing it with the latest printing materials and technologies, these signs will go beyond letting visitors and community members know the names of our buildings. With full-scale implementation of this model, a simple walk across campus will serve a visitor- centered marketing function by communicating compelling stories about our university and the breadth of our academic expertise; these signs  also address our campus’s need for a building numbering system that complies with safety regulations.


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