Image of a hummingbird drinking nectar from California fuchsia in the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden.

Pollinator Plant List: Hummingbirds

Did you know hummingbirds move much faster and over considerably larger areas than insect pollinators do? With their fast wings, compact size and slender bills, it's no wonder that these tiny birds play such an important role in our environment. Unfortunately, due to climate change, habitat loss and a variety of other human-caused influences, researchers consider nearly 15% of hummingbird species vulnerable to extinction. 

We can help by providing for hummingbirds in our own gardens. Our Hummingbird Plant List is a great place to start! To attract these birds, select from a variety of different plants, such as nectar-filled flowers with little to no fragrance. Flowers that hummingbirds pollinate tend to be tubular and hang down, making it hard for most insects to land in them while still being accessible to creatures capable of hovering in the air.


Hummingbird Plant List

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