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UC Davis students construct living walls at Arboretum Teaching Nursery

landscape architecture

Two “green” walls were unveiled on Wednesday, December 12 by the Landscape Architecture students. They were designed to feature a variety of Arboretum All-Stars. Ellen Zagory, director of horticulture for the UC Davis Arboretum assisted the students with their plant selections. “It has been fun to work with these talented and hard-working students. This is my first experience growing plants in a vertical wall and it will be a learning opportunity for me to see how the plants do.”

The students designed the planters to last. The frame for each wall is constructed from redwood. The double-sided wall on the south side of the nursery uses old milk crates filled with fabric pouches of soil as its building blocks. The wall on the north side (main entrance) of the nursery is single-sided and incorporates one large, quilted fabric pouch to disperse the soil evenly throughout the design. Both are hooked up to drip systems for easy irrigation.