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Visit the UC Davis Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center

UC Davis Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center's grand opening
Attendees at the UC Davis Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center’s grand opening learn about technologies useful to small holder farmers in developing countries. Here a UC Davis student explains the technology used to move irrigation water into the raised vegetable bed.

Visit the newest UC Davis GATEways Project site — the UC Davis Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center — a place where students, faculty, and staff can test new horticultural tools and demonstrate best practices for growing fruits and vegetables, particularly those helpful to small-scale farmers in developing countries.

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What you will find there now:

• CoolBot — designed by an American farmer the CoolBot chills small rooms at reduced costs and is an effective way to cool produce fresh from the fields.
• Solar Dryer – a chimney solar dryer that quickly dehydrates food which reduces food waste and extends its shelf life
• Raised planting beds that contain examples of fruits and vegetables that can be grown in household gardens in Asia and Africa.
• More information about all that the Horticulture and Innovation Lab does to help small farmers around the world.

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The UC Davis GATEways Project is a campus-wide initiative developed by the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden to showcase the academic strengths of UC Davis, inspire life-long learning and engage with the local community.

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