Image of Biological Orchard and Garden at UC Davis showing the orchard in the background with drought-tolerant plants in the foreground.

Joseph and Emma Lin Biological Orchard and Garden

BOG Exhibit

Joseph and Emma Lin Biological Orchard and Garden (BOG)


This unique landscape showcases a slice of biodiversity in the heart of central campus and is a hub for outdoor learning.

The drought-tolerant plants that grow here are all from Mediterranean regions with similar summer-dry climates as Davis, including the Mediterranean, South Africa, Chile and Australia. The beds demonstrate the diversity of plants that can grow in the Sacramento Valley and provide students and campus visitors with a variety of species to observe and study.

The idea for the Joseph and Emma Lin Biological Orchard and Garden (BOG) was introduced by a group of students who planted a forage-friendly fruit tree orchard on campus. With support and management from the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, the project has evolved to include “biodiversity islands” that feature drought-tolerant plants.

Now, the BOG is an outdoor laboratory for hands-on learning. Throughout the seasons, you can find classes performing biodiversity assessments, recording insect observations and monitoring the weather stations onsite. Student employees, interns and volunteers at the Botanical Conservatory learn how to care for the wide variety of plants and fruit trees as they maintain the BOG year-round.

The development of this site was a collaboration between the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, many UC Davis students, staff and volunteers and the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden. Thank you to these generous donors for their support:

  • Joseph and Emma Lin
  • Kwan Hague Family
  • Hal and Reynotta Hoberecht
  • The Green Initiative Fund and Go Green Grants
  • The California Horticulture Society
  • IndieGoGo Campaign Contributors

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