Aldridge, Debbie

Debbie Aldridge

Debbie at a lake, holding a camera

Debbie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and came to UC Davis in 1979. She worked at Illustration Services, now Mediaworks, until 2003 when she joined University Communications in University Relations.

Debbie's many years of distinguished service to UC Davis, the last two as the campus photographer, opened many doors for her, from science labs and classrooms to the performing stage, from agricultural fields to the portrait studio, from student dorms to the chancellor's office. She was a highly accomplished professional photographer who brought a wealth of talent, a discerning eye and boundless energy to every assignment. UC Davis Magazine, the campus Web home pages and numerous other campus publications benefited enormously from her contributions.

Debbie's artistry, her profound knowledge of the campus and its community and her engaging and winning personality earned the trust of her colleagues, the students, faculty, donors, performing artists and administrators with whom she worked. She was and is curious, bright, open-minded and openhearted, and a highly valued member of our team.

She retired in 2005 and, with her husband, Mark, moved to Oklahoma.

"I met amazing people in all fields and know firsthand that UC Davis is a truly amazing place."