Hummingbirds in your garden: Sunday, April 17

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Arboretum Teaching Nursery

Sunday, April 17, 1 pm
Arboretum Teaching Nursery

To learn more about creating a backyard habitat for hummingbirds, attend this free public program where Dr. Lisa Tell, avian disease veterinarian, professor and director of the Hummingbird Health and Conservation Program at the School of Veterinary Medicine, will briefly discuss her current research, and, along with Mary Patterson, a long-time Arboretum community volunteer and expert gardener, share tips for creating a backyard habitat for hummingbirds.

With nearly 15% of hummingbird species considered vulnerable to extinction, the research that she and her team conducts focuses on establishing the scientific data necessary to help sustain healthy hummingbird populations. As one of the few hummingbird master banders who lives and bands in California, Dr. Tell oversees four hummingbird banding stations around the state, including one along Putah Creek in Solano County.

NEW HUMMINGBIRD GARDEN COMING! We will be partnering with Dr. Tell and the School of Veterinary Medicine to create a campus hummingbird garden near the teaching nursery and Vet Med facilities. To fundraise for this effort we will be participating in our region’s BIG DAY OF GIVING event on May 3. We hope you’ll take part. Stay tuned for more details or contact Suzanne Ullensvang, Resource Development Manager at

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