Ducks in Lake Spafford
Julian Elias
Arboretum Enthusiast

After being away from UCD for approximately one and a half years, it was great to return this past September. I live in Sacramento and drive to/from school several days a week. Since I park my car near the Robert Mondavi Institute, and my office is in Voorhies, I walk through and enjoy the Arboretum at least twice every time I'm on campus. This past quarter, even though I was very glad to be teaching in person, the busyness of commuting, grading students' papers, and holding office hours began to wear me out in November. And that's when the weather started to get cool, foggy, and gloomy. In mid-November, I was in need of an emotional pick-me-up. As I strolled through the Arboretum on the afternoon of the 16th, sunshine streamed through the clouds, the foliage on the trees around Lake Spafford glowed brilliantly, and the ducks frolicked happily. (I'm pretty sure they were frolicking. In any case, they seemed to be enjoying themselves.) It was wonderful. The Arboretum is absolutely my favorite place in Davis.

November 16, 2021