2015 Pinkerton Prize winners announced

We are delighted to honor Alex Stubblefield and Kiely Doherty, two remarkable student leaders, with this year’s Pinkerton Prize Endowment for Outstanding Student Contributions (see below for more information). Both women have been with the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden for three years and positively led their teams in creating a wide array of public education programs.

Alex Stubblefield
After two years as an Arboretum Ambassador, Alex served as the first student coordinator of the brand new Arboretum GATEways Outreach Program in 2015. Gifted at engaging visitors of all ages and passionate about sustainability, Alex led a team of students and volunteers in creating weekend offerings of eco-friendly, hands-on activities for casual visitors called Nature Discovery Days. Alex is a sustainable agriculture and food systems major.

Kiely Doherty
After joining the Arboretum Ambassador environmental leadership internship in 2012, Kiely served as co-coordinator of the program from 2014-15. As a leader, Kiely inspired great enthusiasm, cooperation, and innovation among her team as they developed a broad array of public programs. Kiely is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in environmental science and management.

Congratulations Alex and Kiely!

The Pinkerton Prize Endowment for Outstanding Student Contributions was created by Deborah Pinkerton (seen above), who worked as a student employee at the UC Davis Arboretum environmental education from 1979 to 1985. She and her husband, Bret Hewitt, continue to add to this endowment in support of the exceptional students at the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden.

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