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Campus map stand installation begins

New UC Davis campus map stand installed near Aggie Stadium.

Back in April we let you know about the major improvements that departments in our unit Campus Planning and Community Resources were spearheading to improve visitor wayfinding. At that time we were testing the size of our pilot campus map stands and the type of information included. Our testing is complete and the finished stands are now in the process of being installed in approximately a dozen locations throughout campus. Each stand will display a full campus map on one side as well as a detail of the local immediate area on the other. Read original article here.

Credit goes to UC Davis Conference and Event Services staff. They are helping the campus tackle the cost and upkeep of our new outdoor map stands by engaging in multiple partnerships with local businesses who have purchased advertisements on these maps. Thanks also goes to UC Davis Repro Graphics for a design that is consistent with other wayfinding improvements throughout campus (read more here); UC Davis Civil and Industrial Services who has helped test the stands and is now in the process of installing them throughout campus; Grounds and Landscape Services who worked to remove the old stands to make way for the new; and Campus Planning and Landscape Services who teamed up with Arboretum and Public Garden staff to produce the finished pieces.