Learning by Leading e-Gator
Waterway Stewardship co-coordinator Karyn Utsumi drives the new Learning by Leading electric gator.

Going Green with the E-Gator

by Karyn Utsumi, co-coordinator Learning by Leading Waterway Stewardship

Meet the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden Learning by Leading™ electric Gator! The e-Gator, funded by The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) grant, will be used to assist Learning by Leading projects while also reducing carbon emissions. The grant, written by Learning by Leading Waterway Stewardship internship co-coordinators Karyn Utsumi and Noreen Rae Mabini, is sponsored by The Green Initiative Fund, a campus program hosted by UC Davis Sustainability and supported by student fees, which promotes and supports sustainability by providing funding to a variety of sustainability-related projects and needs. 

All 130 students in the Learning by Leading internships will have access to the e-Gator for use on Arboretum and Public Garden projects. The e-Gator is integral to implementing a variety of programs and projects conducted by the 11 Learning by Leading teams due to its ability to transport necessary tools and materials in a sustainable way, further demonstrating the UC’s commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. 

As part of the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative, the UC has pledged to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from its buildings and vehicle fleet to net-zero by 2025. In one month, a single gas-powered gator uses an average of 18 gallons of fuel, adding up to about 216 gallons per year and costing around $700. On the other hand, one electric gator reduces the amount of fossil fuels the university uses by more than 200 gallons per year. The Learning by Leading e-Gator embodies the benefits of replacing gas-powered gators with electric vehicles and the proactiveness of the UC Davis community towards meeting its carbon neutrality goals. 

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