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Tree Care

Even as California enters the rainy season, the state is still in a drought. To avoid excessive landscape watering, we need to adjust the irrigation settings for our yards. At the same time we're trying to save water, we should also try to save our trees.

“Mature fruit trees and landscape trees are worth saving! Recognizing early signs of drought stress is important because irreversible damage can occur that no amount of watering will correct.” - Janet Hartin, UC Cooperative Extension advisor.

Two seasons without enough water can result in severe drought stress and even kill a tree, warned Hartin, who serves San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles counties. Also, drought-stressed trees are more prone to damage from diseases and insects than non-stressed trees.

Sources: Save water, but also save trees during droughtSave Trees during Drought with New Tree Right Irrigation Contraption (TRIC)Tips for watering your trees (Sacramento Tree Foundation)

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