Anacacho Orchid Tree | Bauhinia lunarioides

Scientific Name

Bauhinia lunarioides

Common Name

Anacacho Orchid Tree, Anacacho Bauhinia, Orchid Tree, Texas Plume.

Photo of Bauhinia lunarioides.
Tree Description

Bauhinia lunarioides, Anacacho orchid tree, is a small deciduous multi-trunked tree. It has unique foliage, silvery bark and striking white to pink orchid-like flowers that attract wildlife and pollinators. It is an understory tree that prefers partial shade but is heat and drought tolerant.

Tree Size
Height at Maturity
Width at Maturity
Growth Rate
Foliage Type
Sun Exposure
Water Needs
Low Water
Potential Issues

Susceptible to strong winds. Best placed on South side of a building.

Average performance rating from pre-trial survey of experts
Propagation Results

We have had decent germination with a fresh seed given a 4 hour hot water soak, and then greenhouse sown. Germination is prolonged and erratic over a year. Seedlings are slow growing and susceptible to scale.