Community Engagement

New building to honor daughter’s memory at Arboretum

This fall, the doors to the Elizabeth Mary Wolf Environmental Learning Center will open. Located within the gates of the Arboretum Teaching Nursery, the modern indoor-outdoor facility will serve as a public program space, a dynamic hub for visitor and volunteer events, and a staging area for students.

Floating nets support turtle conservation research

Hoop net traps are being placed on an intermittent basis to harmlessly sample turtles throughout the Arboretum Waterway and Putah Creek over the next few months. It's all part of active turtle research study to understand how our native turtle populations are affected by non-native turtle species in addition, scientists hope to learn how we to best support native species recovery and conservation.

Guardians: Spirits of Protection, expands to the Arboretum

A poetry path, a reflection bridge, a Dakhil (a traditional Islamic act of devotion that often involves tying fabric to a tree or anything one considers sacred), and more can be found in the Arboretum through April 30. The exhibit is a temporary installation in support of design MFA students Niloufar Abdolmaleki and Edward Whelan’s theses and an extension of Professor Emeritus Ann Savageau’s exhibit at the campus design museum through April 24 entitled, “Guardians: Spirits of Protection.”