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10 REASONS (and counting): Why we hope you’ll support the Arboretum on May 6, the Big Day of Giving

Below is a list of reason’s we’ve put together that we hope will inspire you to support the Arboretum on our region’s Big Day of Giving on May 6th, but we’d also like to hear from you! Why do you love the Arboretum?

  1. You love the Arboretum!
  2. You never have to pay to get in! We’re  community-supported, free, and open 24/7.  This is an easy way for you to give back!
  3. Your gift helps us create and sustain our public learning landscapes and amazing free family programs.
  4. The Arboretum inspires people about plants and helps everyone discover the beauty of sustainable gardening.
  5. The University provides critical support but a large portion of our annual funding comes from the community from people just like you.
  6. Your gift will be historic! This is the first regional BIG Day of Giving!
  7. Your gift will inspire and unite our community in supporting hundreds of local nonprofits.
  8. Your donation will be boosted by a pro-rated match. The more contributions we receive, the higher the matching percentage will be.
  9. We will thank you profusely via all of our social media outlets!
  10. The next time you enjoy yourself in the Arboretum a warm feeling of pride will wash over you!

From social media: More reasons why people love the Arboretum!

11.  @jimhzamora: “Every day is a wonderful day when I get a three-hour walk in the UC Davis Arboretum.”
12. @Dr_Rawls: The Arboretum is a great place to tire out puppies!
13. @pammarrone: She shops the Arboretum Plant Sales for plants for her no-grass front yard!
14. @LinaLayiktez: “What a peaceful way to spend lunch.”
15. @AndreaV_lilbit: “On my run to the @UCD_Arboretum! Beautiful!!”
16. @bookhooked: I found the @UCD_Arboretum ducklings! Love @ucdavis#ucdavis #ducklings #adorbs #oneucdavis #adorable #spring
17. @BlakeNCoooper via Facebook: “Woke up with a single mission for today; hang out with ducks at the UC Davis Arboretum #RoughLife”
18. @dux_dux: MT Morning blooms in the desert collection
19. @jaybaybayxox: We love picnics in the Arboretum!
20. @Alpenglow17: Because I have so many positive memories in the Arboretum–it is like home.
21. @karlkrist: Redwoods! Perfect place to peruse plants that I am interested in..

From Arboretum volunteers: More reasons why people love the Arboretum!

22. Lynne Hasz: The Arboretum is community created and appeals to all kinds of people.
23. Dorothy Brandon: It is interesting, beautiful and a great resource for the area.
24. Pam Williams: The Arboretum is a gorgeous walk through the UC Campus. It has the most birds on campus and I love seeing what grows well in the area.
25. Chris Craig-Veit: I love the Arboretum because of the variety of plants grown there that you won’t find anywhere else and it is an inspiration for my yard.
26. Carol Knight: I love the Storer Garden, Gazebo and demonstration gardens and I love that the Arboretum is free and available to everyone.
27. Linda Schmidt: I love the Arboretum because it is a living breathing museum.

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