Help keep our Arboretum and Public Garden spaces open

5 REASONS (AND COUNTING): Why we hope you will support the Arboretum on May 5 during our region’s Big Day of Giving

UC Davis Landscape Architecture class
The UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden collaborates with our academic programs to provide students with opportunities to learn from and shape their own environments. Here students from a UC Davis Landscape Architecture class have created a low-water, vertical garden that demonstrates a creative, beautiful, and efficient way to add plant diversity into a small space.

Below is a list of five reasons we’ve put together that we hope will inspire you to support the Arboretum during our region’s Big Day of Giving on May 5. We’d also like to hear from you to help us add to the list!

  1. You love the Arboretum!
  2. You never have to pay to get in! We’re community-supported, free, and open 24/7.  The “Big Day of Giving” is an easy way for you to give back!
  3. Your gift helps us create and sustain our public learning landscapes and amazing free family programs that inspire our community to help people and environments thrive!
  4. The University provides critical support but a large portion of our annual funding comes from the community from people just like you.
  5. The next time you enjoy yourself in the Arboretum, a warm feeling of pride will wash over you because you are helping keep this place alive!

Tell us why you love and support the Arboretum! Visit us on social media to share your story. Use #GiveBigDoG so we’ll be sure to find it.