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8 Tips for a Successful Plant Sale Shopping Experience

kend helps customer

At the Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden seasonal plant sales, not only do we offer the area’s largest selection of attractive, low-water, easy-care, region-appropriate plants including lots of Arboretum All-Stars and California natives, we strive to answer your questions and ensure that you meet your shopping goals. Here are some tips our experienced shoppers already know, but our newer customers may not.

  1. Receive a discount. Become a member and receive 10% off your plant sale purchases. New members also get a $10 off coupon. Other membership benefits include access to member’s only plant sales, free or discounted entry to other gardens, discounts at our partner nurseries, and more. LEARN MORE.
  2. Grab a cart. If you didn’t bring your own cart, use one of ours! If there are no carts available put your name on the wait list. Listen for your name to be called over the PA while you shop.
  3. Look for orange. Sales help can be found in orange aprons.
  4. Seek expert advice. “Arboretum Experts” are located in the front of our large center aisle. At this sale, local Master Gardeners are located in the front of the nursery in our demo bed courtyard. You can also find representatives from our partner nurseries, information on safe pesticide use,  “plant doctors” and more.
  5. Check out our inventory. Download our online inventory or you can find copies at our “Arboretum Expert” and “Arboretum Resource” tables in the center aisle. LEARN MORE.
  6. Know your type. Looking for perennials, trees, vines, shrubs, succulents, grasses, bulbs, shade plants, California natives, or California natives for shade? The nursery is organized by category and signs can be found hanging from the nursery rafters.
  7. Find inspiration. Look to our demo beds both inside and just outside the nursery for ideas. Most of these plants are labeled will be for sale.
  8. Plant by numbers. Use one of the plans we’ve put together to get your California native, low-maintenance or wildlife-friendly garden started. These plans can be found here. Most of these plants will be available at our sales, if not we can direct you to a good substitute.

LEARN MORE on our Plant Sale page!