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Arboretum Waterway Construction Update 6.16.17

Waterway canal filled with rainwater
We got enough rain last Sunday to fill this Waterway canal in the construction area!

by Nina Suzuki, Waterway Steward

Who saw that coming?

We received more than a half inch of rain last Sunday, June 11 (2017)!

It’s still working . . .

All the precipitation that falls on the core of campus continues to flow into the Arboretum waterway, even to the construction area (see right photo). But don’t worry, within days this water was pumped back out of the construction area to allow for work to continue.

New pump
This is the pump that will recirculate the water when phase one of the Arboretum Waterway Maintenance and Enhancement Project is complete.

Pump delivered

Meanwhile, you may have seen this large cylinder near Spafford Lake (see leftphoto). Get a good look, you won’t see it again. This is the housing for the pump that will be buried underground and quietly circulate water from Wyatt deck to the east end. We will be able to turn the pump on or off, up or down, as we wish. And, to ensure leaves, animals, etc. are not pulled into the pump, there will be a very fine grate before the water intake. Because this filter is on the outside, we will not have to turn off the pump to clean the filter.

Construction crew installing new ADA accessible pathway
In addition to all the work on the Waterway, the construction crew is also installing a new, ADA accessible pathway.

New path

You may also notice the asphalt path on the south side of the waterway has been removed (see below photo). It will be replaced by the beautiful and accessible “yellow-brick road” pavers to match other new paths in the Arboretum.

For more background on this project visit our Arboretum Waterway Project page.