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City of Davis allocates $40,000 to develop Arboretum sculptural feature

On October 5, 2011 the City Council of the City of Davis unanimously approved a proposal shepherded by UC Davis Arboretum Assistant Horiculturalist Emily Griswold, to allocate $40,000 towards the development of a sculptural gateway feature at the east end of the Arboretum. This area of the Arboretum also recently received grant funding to build a new California Native Plant GATEway Garden.

A call for proposals from artists is currently underway.  The budget includes all costs such as artist’s fees, travel, shipping, fabrication and installation. The qualifications submission deadline is December 12, 2011, with the grand opening unveiling projected for October 2012.

The goal of this installation is to improve pedestrian, bicycle and transit connections; to help promote and market the campus and downtown area as an art district and visitor destination; and to enhance the partnership between the City and University on a mutually beneficial project.

Congratulations Emily for spearheading an important partnership that will not only serve as a symbol of the city/campus collaboration, but act as a lasting landmark to help visitors find their way.