“Sites and Sounds of the Universe,” art on ground
“Sites and Sounds of the Universe,” created by Landscape Architecture 1 students Cameron Erskine and Emily Lin.

Here today, gone tomorrow: student projects feature fleeting, natural phenomena in the Arboretum

In Fall 2014, students in Lecturer Elizabeth Boults Landscape Architecture 1 created site-specific installations throughout the UC Davis Arboretum.

According to the assignment parameters, the purpose of these creative installations was to “…highlight existing site features and define new spatial experiences and relationships” as well as celebrate ephemeral phenomena like sunlight, shadow patterns, water currents, plant textures and colors, wildlife habitat, and more.

To complete these projects, students were only allowed to use materials found on or nearby the site they chose. The installations were expected to be temporary and disintegrate naturally.

Although these installations are no longer available for viewing in person, we hope you enjoy perusing this gallery for a brief look into the creativity of our students and their work showcasing our landscapes.

A huge thank you goes out to Professor Boults and her students for helping us see the natural world around us in a new way!

Landscape Architecture 1: Site-specific installation assignment

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