Thank you to photographer Lynda Goff from for allowing us to use her gorgeous hummingbird photography in support of this campaign.

Three local families provide matching gifts for hummingbird garden

A huge thank you to James and Jacqueline Ames, Pam Marrone and Mick Rogers, and the family of Johanna Anderson Trueblood who have all offered challenge pledges in support of our goal to raise $40,000 to create the campus’s first hummingbird demonstration garden. For every dollar the community donates to this garden on May 3, 2016 during our region’s Big Day of Giving, they will donate an additional dollar up to $20,000. What a way to amplify your gift!

Diagram of hummingbird demonstration garden
Participate in the creation of our campus’s first hummingbird demonstration garden by donating a gift during our region’s Big Day of Giving this May 3, 2016.

Here is what these generous donors are saying about the Arboretum’s future hummingbird demonstration garden:

“Through investing in the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden and supporting other programs like the Hummingbird Health and  Conservation Program, we hope to heighten the awareness of pollinators in need and take action to help them.”– James and Jacqueline Ames

“The new Hummingbird Demonstration Garden will not only educate, but also be a wonderful habitat to those fascinating birds we all love to attract and watch.” — Pam Marrone & Mick Rogers

““We celebrate Johanna’s memory and resonate with her love for the beautiful gardens when we continue to enjoy the Arboretum. We are proud to donate for this new Hummingbird Garden project in her memory.” — The family of Johanna Anderson Trueblood

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