Two people looking at sustainability showcase

Water conservation featured in Sustainability Showcase

The Sustainability Showcase, located in one of the main hallways of the Memorial Union, features revolving exhibits highlighting actions our campus units have taken to improve our sustainability. The exhibits may be about conserving our natural resources, being creative with our reuse, engaging with the community, or all of the above.

The Arboretum and Public Garden exhibit showcases a map of our main campus with information presented about how we’ve been helping conserve water with high-efficiency irrigation systems, water-wise plant selections, and turf conversions. Visitors are also invited to grab a marker and share the location of their favorite campus landscapes.

Our communications and marketing team members Katie Hetrick and Andrew Larsen developed the exhibit concept with help from Arboretum Ambassdor Nicole Porter, as well as Arboretum and Public Garden team members. It has been on display since April and will be up throughout summer. We hope you’ll have a chance to drop by! If not, here’s a photographic sampling of some of the remarks we’ve been getting! It’s nice to see all the different and very specific opinions!


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