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Oak Discovery Day

Image of child creating acorn flour from acorns.

Event Date

Peter J. Shields Oak Grove

Celebrate all things oak and learn about trees from around the world in the Arboretum and Public Garden’s nationally accredited oak collection. This interactive event will feature Native Californian acorn grinding and food preparation demonstrations, self-guided tours, and many all-ages activities under the canopy of the majestic Shields Oak Grove. 

Featured Presentations:

"Let's Use Acorns" Local native Californian, Diana Almendariz and her family will lead acorn gathering, grinding and tasting activities to demonstrate the importance of acorns as a food source.

"Secrets of the Oak Woodlands" Kate Marianchild is a California naturalist and gifted storyteller. She will bring jewels from the oak woodland including oak galls of many shapes and colors, bushtit nests, a Bullock’s oriole nest, an Anna's hummingbird nest, California bay laurel fruits, tarantula silk, ceanothus silk, moth pupal cases and much more.

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