Aerial view of the gazebo construction site.
The Gazebo sits on a knoll overlooking the Arboretum waterway. Shields Oak Grove can be seen on the right, the Meditarrean Section to the left, and the sire of the Ruth Storer Garden between the Gazebo and Garrod Drive. (Photo by Steve Lynch)

Arboretum History: Constructing the Gazebo

The photographs below are part of a series documenting the construction of the Gazebo and surrounding paths at the west end of the Arboretum. In 1976, the Carolee Shields White Flower Garden was laid out under the direction of Arboretum Director Dr. John Tucker (now Professor Emeritus of Botany).

Dr. Tucker surveys the Arboretum from the Gazebo roof.
Dr. Tucker surveys the Arboretum from the Gazebo roof. (Photo by Steve Lynch)
Stairs leading to the gazebo.
A graceful concrete path leads to the curving retaining wall bench south of the Gazebo. (Photo by Steve Lynch)

The astonishing change visible in 18 short years inspires us to continue dreaming of what the Arboretum could become and working to make it a reality.

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