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Arboretum photo scavenger hunt | April 25 – May 9

Arboretum photo scavenger


When: April 25 – May 9, 2016
Where: UC Davis Arboretum
(specific locations announced via our Facebook event page)

Students and surrounding community members often don’t realize everything the Arboretum has to offer. With this program we, the Arboretum Ambassadors, hope to help spread awareness about how beautiful this place is for our students and the community to de-stress, recreate, participate, and improve their environmental education.

So … come and discover the UC Davis Arboretum in a way you never have before! For two weeks everyone is invited to explore features of the Arboretum in a photo scavenger hunt. Ten spots will be revealed through the UC Davis Arboretum Facebook event page on April 25. “Join” the Facebook event to be notified when the scavenger hunt locations are revealed.

TO PARTICIPATE upload your photos to the Facebook event page.

The best photos uploaded to this Facebook page between April 25 and May 9 will have an opportunity to be featured on the UC Davis Arboretum Facebook page and have a chance to win a prize!


1. A “thoughtful” or “peaceful’ pose in front of the Carolee Shields White Flower Garden and Gazebo
2. In the East Asian collection; find the angle specified in this Facebook post
3. Take a picture with the horses/alpacas/llamas on Garrod Drive
4. Take a selfie with a group of friends in front of Lake Spafford
5. In the Mediterranean collection; find the angle specified in this Facebook post
6. Take a picture of Hyaloclastite or Pillow Lava at Geology GATEway Garden (aka The California Rock Garden)
7. In the Desert collection; find the angle specified in this Facebook post
8. Native American Contemplative Garden
9. You or a loved one pose under the Shovel Arch
10. The Eric E.Conn Acacia Grove

Bonus: Picture of the river otters in Putah Creek!


  1. Don’t Photoshop to change the content; changes to lighting (filters) are acceptable.
  2. When posting the photos, they need to be public. Make sure to set your photo privacy setting to “public.”
  3. By participating, you give us permission to use your photos. This allows us to repost your photo on the event page if it’s chosen among the top 10 photos.
  4. When posting your photo to the event page. Please label each picture with the hashtag #ArbPhotoHunt with the number of the spot at the end. Example: #ArbPhotoHunt3. 
  5. If submitting the bonus picture use #ArbPhotoHuntB


  1. At the end of the two week period, all the photos will be reviewed by the Arboretum Ambassadors.
  2. The best picture in each spot will be determined by the Ambassadors according to: picture quality, creativity, and composition.
  3. These ten pictures will be put to a public vote to determine the top 3 out of the ten. We will repost them on the event page for people to “like” their favorites.
  4. Feel free to like as many pictures as you want and invite your friends to like them as well.
  5. The top 3 photos with the most likes (and potentially a bonus photo) will be posted to the Arboretum Facebook page, and the photographers of the photos will be contacted over Facebook that they have won a prize (and can come to redeem the prize from the Arboretum Ambassadors)!


Contact Kaili Brande, Arboretum Ambassador  |  Email: