Local News Highlights Campus Landscape Adaptation Effort

GATEways Horticulturist Rachel Davis recently spoke to CBS Bay Area about some of the efforts the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden team is taking to prepare campus landscapes to the changing climate.

"We have entered unprecedented times where the weather had become much more extreme," Davis shared. "We want to make big steps toward impacting our future, to ameliorate what's happening with climate change."

The video covers some of the vital work being done through the Campus Tree Renewal Program and the Texas tree trials, which are instrumental the the Arboretum team's efforts to make the campus canopy resilient to the changing climate. Davis also shares the importance of preparing for changes now, even in your home garden, by planting drought tolerant plants like the plants featured on the Arboretum All-Stars.

All of these efforts are in line with the Living Landscape Adaptation Plan, a 70-year plan to transition the landscapes of UC Davis to a climate-ready campus.

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