girl listening to music in the Arboretum
Enhance the Arboretum experience by listening to the "Arbo Anthems" playlist on Spotify, curated by the Davis community.

New Arbo Anthems Playlist

To perfectly complement the relaxing and beautiful nature of the Arboretum, UC Davis has made an "Arbo Anthems" music playlist on Spotify. In early November, the UC Davis official Instagram account asked the community to submit songs that they would like to see on the playlist via Instagram stories. The inspiration for the playlist? “Chill hits to listen to while lounging in the Arboretum.” Over one hundred songs were submitted from the community, adding the playlist up to a whopping six hours and thirty minutes. The submissions feature songs by artists such as Billie EIlish, Beach House, Phoebe Bridges, Coldplay, Jack Johnson and many more. No need to keep scrolling to find the perfect playlist anymore. Instead, grab your headphones, play “Arbo Anthems”, and head to the Arboretum to unwind and listen to some calming tunes while basking in the wonderful outdoors! 

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