New Plant Sale Inventory with Photos

As many of you know, the pandemic was a catalyst for moving our plant sales online. This unexpected shift tested our team's ability to pivot quickly in the face of multiple obstacles. Although the Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden are back to hosting in-person plant sale fundraisers, we've kept some of technologies and tools that facilitated the move. 

One of these tools is an online inventory with photos! Finally! This is something our community has been asking for, we were listening and now we've got something we hope you'll try! Read below for more tips about using this tool.

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Tips and more

Please note:  Our inventory with photos is currently optimized for viewing on your desktop. While you can open the gallery on your phone, the filters, and other tools, are not available.

Filter the inventory. Click the "Filter" button on your desktop computer in the upper left-hand corner to limit your results. We have thousands upon thousands of attractive, low-water plants perfect for our region, but maybe you're just on the hunt for a few. Filter by tag to see only California natives or Arboretum All-Stars for example, or filter the plants by their light requirements, be it sun, shade or part shade. There are so many options! To remove any filters you've created, click the garbage can icon to the right. 

Sort the inventory. Use sort instead of filter if you still want to see everything. On your desktop computer, click the "Sort" button in the upper left-hand corner of the gallery to pick what you want to see first. Everything listed in the individual cards is an option. Search by accepted name, common name, number in inventory, container size and more. Want to clear your sort and start fresh? Hit the "x" to the left of your sort field to start fresh or add another sort.

Search. Looking for one specific variety of plant? Look for it by name with the search tool. Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner.


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