Image of Nursery Manager Taylor Lewis loading plants into a car trunk.
Taylor Lewis, nursery manager, loads plants into the trunk of a customer's car. Members of the Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden are eligible to shop plants online and pick them up via our contactless curbside service.

Online Plant Store Testimonials

This fall we are debuting our online plant sale store to members of the Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden. After placing their orders and scheduling their contactless curbside pickup, they were asked to evaluate their experience. View some of the responses below! We hope this inspires new members to join, shop our nursery online and enjoy the easy pickup process.

Online Store Testimonials

"It was very simple and straightforward, and the photos are amazing. I like the detailed care instructions for each plant."

"Congratulations Plant Sale team on the amazing accomplishment of opening the online store!"

"It looked great! And the search function was so helpful for someone like me who needed extra recommendations for my particular planting needs."

"It's very nice to have this service available and to have a staffed phone number available to call about start-up problems! Thank you, good job."

"Thanks for all your work to make plant sale happen during COVID restrictions."

"My experience was fabulous! Love the online plant sale!"

"I used the original plant list to ‘shop’, wrote down what I wanted and was able to quickly purchase my plants when it was time."

"Congratulations! Well done. It took lots of hard work to make it user friendly and you DID it!"


Curbside Pickup Testimonials

"The pick-up went very smoothly!"

"I really appreciate all the work that went into the efforts so that we can buy plants from you. It's really impressive. Having to manage the inventory just by itself is a huge effort... let alone everything else. Thank you for doing this."

"The experience was great!" 

"It worked very well, I cannot think of anything else."

"Having Taylor load my plant into the car was great! Also I could ask him a question and return shortly thereafter with 4 rooted cuttings to give him for future Arboretum use. Very well thought out."

"As far as I am concerned, the pick-up was PERFECT!"

"The entire online plant sale was very well organized and the communication with buyers was clear and complete. Kudos to all involved in this complicated operation!"

"The pick-up was smooth as can be. THANK YOU."


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