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Visitor Parking Changes

Image of ParkMobile how-to graphic.

UC Davis Transportation Services has a new way for visitors to pay for parking with the ParkMobile app, available for download on both Apple and Android operating systems.

Parking remains free on the weekends. For weekday parking, campus visitors now have the option to pay hourly parking rates ($1.50 per hour) or the $10 daily permit fee. (Previously, on weekdays, visitors only had the option of purchasing the $10 daily permit.)

How to Begin: Setting Up Your Account

  • Download the ParkMobile App on your smart phone
  • Go to the settings
  • Enter your email address (be sure to use your UC Davis address if you have one)
  • Register your car by adding its license plate in the vehicles section of the settings area
  • Add a payment method

Next:  How to Use ParkMobile to Park

  • When you arrive at your parking lot of choice, open the ParkMobile app
  • Hit the Park icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter the zone number found on one of the signs in your parking lot
  • Then tap the word "Park"
  • Select Your Vehicle
  • Input your parking duration (extend your time, anytime, via the app)

The license plate recognition system now utilized by UC Davis Transportation Services is synced with the ParkMobile app to ensure that parking has been paid. 

Additional Parking Changes

  • There is no longer free one-hour parking along Garrod Drive.
  • Metered parking has also been removed.

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