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Research and Class Use Rules

Research and Class Use Rules

In order to protect the plant, animal, and other natural resources within the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve, please observe the following rules when using the Reserve for research, teaching, or class use.

Plant Collection and Animal Trapping

Plant collection and animal trapping may only occur with the permission of the Reserve Manager, a completed and approved Reserve Use Form, and any necessary State and Federal permits.

Invasive Species

Introduction of invasive exotic species as part of research or class use is not encouraged. However, if it can be shown that an appropriate plan is in place by the researcher that would prevent the spread of the species beyond the research site, such a request may be considered. Please talk with the Reserve Manager.


Please close all gates, chains, or other vehicle and pedestrian barriers after each visit.

Nighttime Use

For researchers and classes that need to use the Reserve after sunset may do so, after first contacting the Reserve Manager or Steward, and also contacting the UC Davis Police non-emergency dispatch, to inform them of your presence after hours.

Equipment and Infrastructure

After consultation with the Reserve Manager and completion and approval of the Reserve Use Form, researchers and classes may be allowed to install temporary equipment and other support infrastructure, provided they obtain any additional outside approvals and agree to remove the infrastructure after completion of the research. If the site is disturbed by installation of research infrastructure it must also be restored to a pre-existing condition through coordination with the Reserve Manager.