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Arboretum and Public Garden volunteers and staff show their appreciation for all the donors who gave to support our gardens and programs during our region’s first Big Day of Giving on May 6th.

Thank you! We made history!

Thank you to everyone who gave to the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden during our region’s 24-hour Big Day of Giving on May 6th! We set a goal of raising $5,000 from 100 individual donors, but, thanks to the generosity of current and new donors, members, volunteers, and our own staff we raised $7,487 from 115 donors. This day was not only historic for our organization, it was historic for the Sacramento region—394 participating non-profit organizations raised over 3 million dollars in one day!

The funds we raised will be used to support our GATEways public education programs including our Valley-wise gardening outreach, to grow our “Learning by Leading” initiative, which enables undergraduate students to develop innovative educational programs for underserved children and families, and to support the expansion of our community volunteer program.

Thank you again to the generosity of the donors listed below and to all of our loyal supporters who give in whichever way they can—with their time, creativity, words of encouragement, or donations. Together we are creating an exemplary place of beauty, learning, and environmental stewardship.

Anonymous Gift (8)
Cidney Barcellos
Carrie Barrios
Pamela Bone
Jo Anne Boorkman
Carol and Dick Bourne
Barbara Bower
Peggy Briggs
Dianna Brink
Karen Broido
Stephen Brush
Mary Burke
Dawn Calciano
Nora Cary
Christine Cocanour
Kathi Conger
Christina Craig-Veit
Melissa Cruz
Elizabeth Davis
Ann Maria de Grassi
Lisa Deitz
Ann Denvir
Sue Drake
Carl and Karen Eilers
Thomas Farley
Carmia Feldman
Ann Filmer
Elaine Fingerett
Dahlia Garas
Marsha Gibeling
Gail Hahn
Teresa Hawkes
Katie and Eric Hetrick
Luann Higgs
W. Richard Hildreth
Michael and Sally Hirst
Elizabeth Honeysett
Christie Johnson

Valerie Jones
Nancy Kahn
Pam Kazmierczak
Robert and Cathryn Kerr
Kristine Kirkendall
Carol Knight
Richard Kulmann
Carole Kurahara
Charles Lacy
Elizabeth Lasensky
Steve Lawrence
Peggy Lehman
Ernest and Mary Ann Lewis
Huey Lin
Renata Losberg
Kerry Daane Loux
Nancy Lower
David Magliano
Shirley Maus
Keith McAleer
Lisa McClintock
Jill and Kevin McConnen
Vicki and Paul Moering
Ernie Moore
Dolores Morrison
Susan Nishio
Lee Ann Oerding
Harry and Barbara Ohlendorf Pamela Pacelli
Debora Paterniti
Christine Pieper
Zoe Plakias
Harriet Prato
Leialoha Putney
Rhonda Reed
Kevin Rice
Lois Richter
Warren Roberts

Sarah Robertson
Nancy Roe
Betsy Rogers
Mary and Ron Rogers
Grace Rosenquist
Jim Salyards
Ann and Michael Savageau
Maxine Schmalenberger
Heidi Smith
Robert Snider
Kathleen Socolofsky and Bob Gregoire
Angelika Stafford
Tom and Meg Stallard
Linda Sternberg
Christopher Stokes
Hans Strandgaard
G. Christopher Tapio
Robert Taylor
Vivian Thorbourne
Blue and Phil Tierney
Tuyet Truong
Suzanne Ullensvang
Charissa Vonk
Teresa Vyvlecka
Bev and Bruce Watros
John Wheat
Kate Whitney
David Woods
Judith Wydick
Zarah Wyly
Doris Yano
Barbara Zadra


10 REASONS (and counting): Why we hope you’ll support the Arboretum on May 6, the Big Day of Giving

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