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Blog & News Articles

Arboretum Waterway Construction Update 11.22.17

Wed, November 22, 2017
We’re still finishing up Phase One of the Arboretum Waterway Maintenance and Enhancement Project, but the construction fencing located in T. Elliot Weier Redwood Grove and Lake Spafford areas is now removed! We expect the pump controller to be programmed by the end of November. Once it is ready, we can turn the pump on and see the water flow over the weirs.  If the weather holds out, you can also expect to see some new plants getting planted around the weirs in December.

Arboretum Waterway Construction Update 10.26.17

Thu, October 26, 2017
The construction dam is down and water is now back in parts of the phase one project area. (Phase one of the Arboretum Waterway Maintenance and Enhancement Project extends from the easternmost portion of the waterway all the way to Wyatt Deck near Lake Spafford.) We're now working with contractors to test and optimize the pump system, which is an essential part of the waterflow in the Arboretum Waterway.

Arboretum Interns Support Native American Traditions, Restoration

Thu, October 19, 2017
UC Davis Arboretum Teaching Nursery personnel hosted a group of high school students participating in the Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) Youth Leadership Summit. These students, with connections to Native American tribes in California, Nevada, Hawaii and New Mexico, learned how to grow culturally important plants for a large-scale environmental restoration project on Maidu land in Plumas County.

New landscapes provide important pollinator habitat

Fri, September 29, 2017
On the west side of the UC Davis Arboretum, close to its teaching nursery and near the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, is the largest Arboretum garden expansion in decades. The area features a variety of demonstration gardens and landscapes that highlight ecological solutions to common urban impact problems including water pollution, ground water depletion, and pollinator habitat loss.

Larval Host Plants for Butterflies

Fri, September 29, 2017
When creating gardens to attract butterflies, expand your palette beyond plants that only provide nectar for mature butterflies. There’s another type of plant, called larval host plants, that any well-rounded butterfly garden needs.

New interpretive signs highlight environmentally friendly features

Fri, September 29, 2017
The importance of bees, the lifecycle of a pipevine swallowtail butterfly, the history of Putah Creek, the benefits of a rain garden—these are just some of the topics covered by the new interpretive signage coming soon to the Arboretum GATEway Garden and Putah Creek Parkway explore.

New and classic varieties of sustainable plants available at fall plant sales

Wed, September 20, 2017
If you are looking for your next favorite plant, you will be blown away by all that’s new in our fall inventory. For those of you in the market for our traditional “staple” plants, fear not! We will always grow our core selection of regionally appropriate species. The Arboretum All-Stars you know and love will always have plenty of table space reserved.

Tried and True and Lots That's New

Wed, September 20, 2017
Taylor Lewis, nursery manager for the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden, shares the plants he loves that will also be available at their Fall 2017 plant sales. His picks include plants for dry shade and sun, Australian natives, California natives and mangaves.

Arboretum Waterway Construction Update 9.11.17

Mon, September 11, 2017
Four out of the five weirs for Phase 1 of the Arboretum Waterway Maintenance and Enhancement Project are complete, and the last weir should be finished by the end of September. This means we are very close to being able to return water to the channel and watch the water flow over the new weirs and through the wetland plantings.

UC Davis Hummingbird GATEway Garden

Fri, September 08, 2017
UC Davis Hummingbird GATEway Garden demonstrates how to create dedicated habitats to support hummingbirds year round, sheds light on the importance of the hummingbird population, its decline, and the work being done at UC Davis to help support them.

Arboretum Waterway Construction Update 7.26.17

Wed, July 26, 2017
The first weir has been built. Now it has walls, a spillway, and wetland retaining walls on the upstream and downstream sides of the weir. This series of weirs, along with the pump and underground pipe that will move water along the length of the project, are the structures that will transform the Arboretum Waterway from a flat pond to a flowing waterway.

Arboretum Waterway Construction Update 7.7.17

Fri, July 07, 2017
More updates on the Arboretum Waterway Maintenance and Enhancement Project: splash pad concrete poured, weir creation begins, new Learning by Leading Student Co-Coordinators