Plant Propagation and Nursery Management

Learning irrigation from the top down

March 07, 2016
Taylor Lewis, nursery manager, had a vision for how to create a unique tree irrigation system that would suit the conditions at the Arboretum Teaching Nursery, then worked with his student staff and interns to create it.

Leading by Learning: Inspiring students one plant at a time

February 19, 2016
UC Davis Arboretum Teaching Nursery Manager Taylor Lewis leads a motivated group of nursery propagation interns who are excited to apply the concepts they learn in class to the soil around them. Each student is responsible for an area in the nursery; they are given the opportunity to experiment with different care and maintenance techniques, and then, evaluate what works and what doesn’t. According to his students, the internship provides them with valuable experience that they don’t get in a classroom.

Students excel in Learning by Leading Program

July 10, 2014
In 2013-14, our staff was fortunate to mentor 13 student employees and 40 undergraduate interns through the Learning by Leading program. Here are some of their amazing accomplishments