person sitting in a bench

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to purchase a dedication?    
  • Arboretum Bench: $6,000

    Campus Bench: $5,000

    Arboretum Tiles and Plaques: $1,000- $1,500

  • Do I get to decide the location of the bench?
  • We will provide you with the general locations where benches are available. Once you have decided on the general location where you would like your bench to be located, we will help you choose the specific location during our personal consultation process. The specific locations may be limited based on availability.
  • Where do I start for an Arboretum or campus bench dedication?
  • Please contact Suzanne Ullensvang at or by telephone at (530) 752-8324 and she would be happy to assist you with the bench or tile dedication process.
  • Where do I start for a tile dedication?
  • Please contact Suzanne Ullensvang at or by telephone at (530) 752-8324 and she would be happy to assist you with the bench or tile dedication process.
  • What are the differences in the  packages you offer?
  • The certificate and webpage displaying information about the dedicatee and the location of the dedication are included as an optional part of every package. You can choose to add a brass plaque or have your certificate framed (additional fee will apply).
  • What kind of information can be put onto the bench plaque?
  • We are limited by size, but you can be as creative as you would like as long as the information fits onto the space. People often like to include the dedicatee's name, their contributions, dates, and even poems or quotations. 
  • How large is the bench plaque?
  • The plaque is 4" by 6".
  • What is the bench plaque made of?
  • The plaque is made of brass.
  • How often is the website updated? Can I send new information about the person if the dedication was for a wedding or a birth?
  • The website can be updated as frequently as you like. The initial website information you provide at the time of your dedication is posted for free as part of your dedication package. If you would like to include new information about the dedicatee in later years as well as updated photos of the dedicatee, we will be happy to update the information. The fee for updates is $25.00. If you are interested in this service email Suzanne Ullensvang at
  • Is there anywhere on campus that a bench cannot be placed?
  • Generally speaking the entire campus is available for your bench, although some spaces require dispensation through the consultation process and are available under special circumstances only. Once your consultation has been scheduled, we can review this information with you.
  • What is the life-span of the bench, and if the bench cannot be replaced, do I need to purchase another?
  • The life span of a campus bench is indefinite because they are constructed of metal. The life span of an Arboretum bench is decades. All maintenance (or replacement, if necessary) of benches is included indefinitely in your dedication, barring any circumstances beyond our control.
  • When I buy a bench dedication, what am I paying for?  
  • Your bench dedication pays for the installation, perpetual care and, if necessary, the replacement of that bench and plaque which becomes a permanent part of the UC Davis landscape upon its dedication. Additionally, you may choose to receive the certificate and submit information for the dedication page on the website.        
  • Are there a finite number of tile dedications to purchase?
  • Yes. Dedication tiles are associated with unique custom projects. Once a tile has been chosen for a dedication, it is no longer available.
  • Is the fee for dedications tax-deductible?
  • Yes, your dedication gift is fully tax-deductible.