Emily Moore

Emily Moore

Emily Moore


Environmental Science and Management with a focus in Ecology Biodiversity, and Conservation
Urban Tree Stewardship intern, co-coordinator, 2021-22

As a transfer student during COVID-19 I was desperate to get involved in the campus and I had no idea how lucky I was to fall into the Learning by Leading™ (LxL) family. I was immediately surrounded by fun, hardworking, passionate, like-minded people. My time in the program has taught me so much about inclusion, individuality and how to collaborate with people that have different working styles. Most of all it has opened my eyes to a wide array of post-grad opportunities that I had never considered because I wasn’t aware of their existence. I have always been passionate about the complex systems that allow for such beautiful landscapes to establish. The Urban Tree Stewardship (UTS) program aligned with all my future goals even more so than could have ever hoped. From working directly with high level positions to develop planting plans, to learning from campus experts on the importance of tree aftercare, I was always learning more about the potential of trees within Urban Planning, further igniting my passion for canopies.

One of the most valuable lessons learned as a co-coordinator is the strengths that we all bring to the table and how to utilize them properly. It was a struggle to transition from my only prior experience working in groups, to collaborating with just one student. It was so rewarding to work through that with my fellow co-coordinator, navigating the complexities of working styles. Our mentors were always there for an ear to listen and advice on how to approach difficult conversations. Both Emily Griswold and Abbey Hart are absolute knowledge banks with so much insight to share, practically bursting at the seams with passion for their work. It has been so inspiring to see how many different projects they have their hands in and how they manage the workload, while staying positive and driven.

Our work this year was focused on the continuation of the Texas Tree Trials for the third year. Previously seeds were collected in Texas for a drought resilience based experiment within the Arboretum and Public Garden. I worked closely with the trees up-potting in the nursery and planting them in various locations all over the campus. The main research site is the a grove where 3 of every tree from the trial will eventually go. My favorite project by far was the joint LxL training day where the UTS team got the opportunity to lead the entire program in planting over 90 trees in the grove during winter quarter. A close second would be the plant records and mapping portion where the UTS student leaders took managed mapping each tree. We learned about the complexities of record keeping and how closely entangled research and mapping are. We learned directly from Angelica Sauceda, the Plant Records and Mapping mentor. She has so much expertise and experience in this field so it was so fun to learn from her as well.

Leaving the LxL program, I will miss the tight-knit feeling of inclusion and being apart of something so much greater than myself, but really I miss the constant guidance and support from my team. I have gained so much from this program I couldn’t possibly articulate how truly grateful I am for these experiences and opportunities. I will use the skill set and connections to drive forward and make change with the same passion and inclusion that this program embedded in me.

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