Nursery Under Construction

Thanks to a generous estate gift honoring Elizabeth Mary Wolf, we are building an environmental learning center inside the Teaching Nursery to further increase public engagement and empower our student environmental leaders.

Wyatt Deck Renovation

We are pleased to announce that the project to replace the two wooden decks of the over 50-year-old Wyatt Deck is now complete. The fences are down and it's ready to welcome visitors back!

Detours near Old A Street Bridge

Crews from UC Davis Facilities Management will work to maintain safety in the Arboretum in the coming weeks as portions of the path near the Old A Street Bridge — located near the east end of the Arboretum Waterway — will be closed.

Detour Near Putah Creek Lodge

Hello visitors! There's another detour in the Arboretum, but never fear—we've got an easy-to-follow map and signage in place to get you around the construction without any issues.