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Putah Creek Riparian Reserve

Removing Invasives, Replacing with Natives

Wed, December 18, 2019
Wrangling invasive species, searching for seeds, and maneuvering chainsaws, it’s just another day on the job for the Arboretum and Public Garden’s Learning by Leading™ S.E.E. Putah Creek team. This quarter has been a busy one for the team dedicated to restoring and managing the UC Davis Putah Riparian Reserve. 

A brief history: UC Davis Putah Creek Riparian Reserve

Mon, June 19, 2017
Did you know that the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden also maintains and operates the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve (Reserve), several hundred acres along 5.5 miles of Putah Creek on the UC Davis campus? Our campus utilizes this riparian and grassland ecosystem for teaching and research purposes, wildlife and habitat protection, and community engagement. We are extremely fortunate to have the Reserve as a campus resource because, according to the State of California Wildlife Conservation Board, humans have removed, degraded, and disturbed 95% of California’s streamside habitat since the Gold Rush.

Three birds, no stones?

Fri, June 09, 2017
How the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve scored a new road, parking lot and native plant meadow

Scout project helps protect creek habitat

Tue, August 11, 2015
Scouts installed posts along the perimeter of the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve to help protect the reserve's sensitive landscape.

400 new oak trees planted in campus Riparian Reserve

Fri, March 09, 2012
In the past few weeks the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve, has hosted two different service organizations interested in conservation and habitat restoration. Wild Campus, a student group whose mission is to engage students and the community in the conservation of native wildlife, planted 100 oak trees amongst Eucalyptus trees slated for removal on the reserve. The area, now renamed Wild Campus Grove, will be cared for by the student group which received saplings from the Sacramento Tree Foundation.