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SEE Putah Creek

Image of students with weed whackers and other equipment at Putah Creek Riparian Reserve.

SEE Putah Creek

The S.E.E. (Steward, Engage, Explore) Putah Creek interns will experience a 10-week course on what restoration and maintenance is like at the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve. During Spring quarter, 2020, interns will meet once a week on Fridays from 1 - 4 p.m. and work with two co-coordinators and Environmental Steward Miles DaPrato.

Students will work together to implement habitat restoration projects, actively manage invasive weeds and habitat along the reserve, maintain the trail network for public access, work on data collection for future project implementation happening that quarter, and learn general land management, plant identification, and flora and fauna of the creek.

Students will also work with GIS and complete social media posting to Instagram, relating to land management activities.

Our S.E.E.  Putah Creek interns will gain experience in the management and stewardship of natural lands which will provide them with a deeper connection and understanding of the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve and the riparian and upland ecosystems within.

Quarters: Fall and/or Spring
Spring Quarter Schedule 2020: Interns meet Fridays from 1 – 4 p.m.
Units: 1 unit

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